Finished Projects / Agyios Dometios

Project Details

The development of the present building will take place in Ayios Dometios, 19 Vasilissis Marias St., on two adjacent plots in a peaceful and privileged area, which is situated vertically on Gregoris Afxentiou and Ayios Pavlos Avenues .

The said developing area is specifically residential, whereas the view of other buildings in the area does not distort its image, since it is not threatened by any action, which could have an effect on the beautiful environment. It is an ideal area of residential development, free from noise, air pollution or other public disturbances. The specific spot has a height potential to reach 3 floors only, with covered parking lots on the ground floor.

The building under construction is modern and equipped with all comforts. It projects the functionality of an absolutely modern building as well as the necessary facilities, to create modern apartments with no deficiencies.

Ayios Dometios is the most proximal area to the centre of Nicosia, which is an additional advantage to its residents, who live in a modern suburb par excellence. Ayios Dometios, with its low buildings, demonstrates the greatness of urban coherence, avoiding in this manner, the confusion that a variety of constructions in diverse, uncontrolled heights could cause.