Finished Projects / Kimonas Court Archaggelos Block A&B

Project Details

The area surrounding the residential complex in Archangelos is well developed; a large part of the apartments to be erected is attached to a hill, just a few meters away from the Nicosia-Anthoupoli highway. Its greatest advantage is the panoramic view of the horizon, which shall remain unhindered since no other residential development may restrict it in the future.

The apartments are built to offer comfortable spaces and parking facilities. This area is not used by vehicles which come from the district road network; they are used mainly by the residents of the area and their guests, or other people who have a special reason to pass through.

The residences / apartments shall consist of two floors. The entire ground floor shall be covered and used for storage rooms and parking lots, over which the buyers of the apartments shall retain the right of use and possession.

The apartments are erected using all modern materials and cover all aspects of functionality.