Apartments for Sale / Lakatamia C&D Kimonas Court

Project Details

The location in Lakatamia, where the buildings are to be erected, belongs to the parish of Ayios Nicolaos in Spartakos Street, a developing area within a peaceful environment, free

from noise and pollution. It is a young and upgraded area, where everybody wishes to move in its newly built buildings, which offer all comforts, away from noise and other disturbances. In addition, this area is suitable, not only for residence, but also for possible investment with great potentials.
The open horizon of the spot, where the buildings will be constructed, offers the feeling of a wide panoramic view.
The area, where the buildings of the company P. Kimonas Developments Ltd will be erected, is of particular interest, since parallel to the erection, modern roads will be constructed, while the architectural plans of the buildings provide for all the apartments all modern comforts and functionality.
The most important advantage of such a selection is the direct and rapid exploitation of the apartments, which may constitute a considerable property fund.
The new modern roads, pedestrian zones, the green and all modern installations of electricity, telecommunications, water supply and other, give the impression of a modern and constantly developing area, which many would envy.